Five movies every graphic designer must watch

Abstract :

Abstract is an eight part Netflix original series that goes behind the scenes and into the minds of creators from varied disciplines. Some have praised the show for bringing different disciplines together while others have criticized it for showcasing designers as artists and not problem solvers.

Three must watch episodes include Cristopher Neimann,an illustrator formerly based in New York and now working in Berlin; Paula Scher, a graphic designer esteemed for her brand systems and innovative use of typography; and the British–Greek photographer Platon, who has produced some of the most iconic portraits of the past twenty years. I was also fascinated by the episode on Es Devlin on stage design, since I had no idea about the field and what goes into creating worlds that transport you into a time and place that can only exist in dreams! The series has been created to be visually appealing and entertaining. I am not sure it tells much about what goes into the process of creating their work and how they solve design problems. You can catch the series here.


‘Helvetica’. This one a popular documentary created by Gary Hustwit as a part of a design trilogy to celebrate the world’s most used typeface. The movie captures the essence of typography and the inescapable presence of Helvetica along with interesting interviews with the stalwarts of graphic design.

‘Helvetica’ was released to coincide with the 50th year anniversary of the typeface. Hustwit, on filming the movie said: “When I started this project, I couldn’t believe that a film like this didn’t exist already, because these people are gods and goddesses. What they do is more than just logos and corporate branding – they design the type that we read every day in newspapers and magazines, onscreen and on television. Fonts don’t just appear out of Microsoft Word: there are human beings and huge stories behind them.” Other movies as a part of the trilogy include: Objectified and Urbanized (trailer)

Helvetica, the full movie can be watched here.

Why man creates?

‘Why man creates’ is an Oscar winning short piece of cinema created by veteran Saul Bass based on the process of creativity and the psyche behind how content is perceived.
Although it was made in 1968, the visuals are timeless and still feel relevant. Creativity is to express and find meaning in human existence. This is emphasised by the word ‘I am’ written on a brick wall at the end of the film.
Full movie can be watched here.

Hotel Grand Budapest:

One of Wes Anderson’s meticulously created masterpieces– ‘Hotel Grand Budapest’ is a classic study of how graphic design can be used in film to create delightful content. Check out Anne Atkin’s work – the woman behind all design props used in this film and many more. Designing for film and production can actually be a lucrative career option for graphic designers. The title design for this film is animated with beautiful illustration and typography that draws you into a visual treat immediately. The full movie can be watched here.

Exit through the Gift Shop

A French thrift shop owner, Thierry Guetta, decides to follow and film street artists in LA, who are notorious for creating thought provoking graffiti in the wee hours of the night. He ends up meeting Banksy, who agrees to appear in his footage under anonymity. Banksy then decides to use the footage by Guetta to create a movie which was nominated for the Oscars in 2011. Banksy’s art debunks and devalues authority. In one of his projects he creates fake ten-pound notes with the face of Lady Diana on it instead of the Queen. Feeling rebellious? Watch the full movie here.

This completes our list of 5 Movies every Graphic Designer Must Watch. Hope you liked it. Please share the list of names and movie titles we missed out on.

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